Open position 11/2023

Postdoctoral Fellowship

An NIH-funded postdoctoral research position in the Goodman lab is available immediately to work on exciting projects seeking to understand how specific metabolic cues induce hepatic transcriptional changes that rewire hepatic metabolism and lead to liver disease, with the ultimate goal of developing treatments for common forms of liver disease that are neglected and have no effective treatments. The project will provide experience with gene editing with CRISPR, organoid biology, transcriptional regulation, and in vivo metabolism. Experience in any of these fields is not required but would be preferred. Funding is available for 5 years, with the expectation that the successful applicant will apply for fellowships during this time.

The Goodman lab is located at Massachusetts General Hospital and affiliated with Harvard Medical School. As part of the greater Boston research community we enjoy access to the superb research facilities offered by the multiple nearby world-class research centers including MIT, the Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School, the Longwood Medical Area, and Massachusetts General Hospital. While postdocs will initially work on projects relevant to the lab’s primary focus, they are encouraged to develop their own projects they can use to help secure independent faculty jobs. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and welcome applications from candidates from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  For more information about the resources and support available to postdoctoral fellows at MGH visit


1) A PhD or equivalent in molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, or related field

2) A strong background in molecular biology as demonstrated by a first author publication in a relevant scientific journal

3) Proficiency in general molecular biology techniques (cloning, westerns, qPCR, etc)

4) Excellent communication and teamwork skills

5) The ability to work independently to design and troubleshoot experiments

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and the names and contact information of two references to


Research Assistant 11/2023

A research assistant position is available at the Goodman lab in Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. The Goodman Lab studies liver disease using a combination of genetic, biochemical, and metabolic approaches.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with at least a Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, biological or related sciences. Prior wet lab experience is valued but not required, as is experience with mammalian cell culture and basic molecular biology such as cloning, western blots, PCR, etc.

The lab technician will be a full member of the lab, participating in research and in lab upkeep and organizational tasks. The job will include independent scientific duties such as conducting an independent research project, keeping meticulous records, and presenting at lab meetings and scientific conferences. For highly motivated individuals it is expected that they will contribute to the lab’s publications and will accordingly be credited with authorship on scientific manuscripts.

This is an excellent position for someone seeking a research experience prior to applying for graduate school or medical school. Interested applicants should submit a CV and references to